About Us

About Us


    Baba Veli Yachting was founded by Yusuf Oguz and his brothers (Mehmet, Ibrahim) in Kekova. In 1987, they started their adventure of blu voyage with "Baba Veli" named after their father. Today they continue to provide their guests luxurious, reliable and high quality service with  their yachts Baba Veli 7 and Baba Veli 9. 

With more than two decades of experience in maritime, they continuously renew their fleet and sail to the sea with young, robust and luxurious equipment.


In addition to the yacht operation, the Ibrahim Restaurant  and Baba Veli pansion  in Kekova are also operated by their family


Our Fleet from Past to Present 

Baba Veli (1987-1999)

Baba Veli 2 (1990-1992)

Baba Veli 3 (1997-2007)

Baba Veli 4 (1998-2004)

Baba Veli 5 (2000

Baba Veli 6 (2003-2016)

Baba Veli 7 (2005

Baba Veli 8 (2008-2021)

Baba Veli 9 (2013